2020. 11. 6. Yuna's paper, 'Ligand-Dependent Coalescence Behaviors of Gold Nanoparticles Studied by Multichamber Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy' is accepted in Nano Letters

2020. 10. 20. A paper, 'Hydrothermal synthesis of novel two-dimensional α-quartz nanoplates and their applications in energy-saving, high-efficiency, microalgal biorefineries' is accepted in Chemical Engineering Journal.

2020. 9. 16. Ihnkyug joins our group as an undergraduate researcher!

2020. 9. 01. Postdoctorial researcher Byung Hyo Kim is appointed as a professor at Soongsil University. We appreciate the wonderful 4 years you dedicated to us! 

2020. 9. 01. Jungwon (our PI) is promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations!

2020. 8. 26. Yuna's paper, 'A Large-Scale Array of Ordered Graphene-Sandwiched Chambers for Quantitative Liquild-Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy' is published in Advanced Materials. Great Work!

2020. 8. 23. Jungwon (our PI) was awarded Hanseong Science Award (a division of Chemistry).

2020. 8. 4. Suk Gyu and Sung Hoon join our group as an undergraduate researcher! Welcome!

2020. 7. 27. Yuna's paper on advanced GLC fabrication is accepted in Advanced Materials. Great Work!

2020. 4. 21. Kunwoo's paper, 'Facile Ferroelectric Phase Transition Driven by Si Doping in HfO2' is published in Inorganic Chemistry. Congratulations!

2020. 4. 3. Byung Hyo and Junyoung’s paper, 'Critical differences in 3D atomic structures of individual ligand-protected nanocrystals in solution' is published in Science! You guys deserve it!

2020. 3. 2. Chyan Kyung and Hyewon join our group as a researcher! Welcome!

2020. 3. 2. Yonggoon and Hayeon join our group as a Ph.D. candidate! Welcome!


2020. 3. 1. Our highlight dealing with the current trend in nanoparticle research using liquid cell TEM is now accessible in News & Information for Chemical Engineers (KIChE)!


2020. 2. 21. Byung Hyo and Junyoung’s work on visualizing the 3D atomic structure of individual nanocrystals in liquid environment is accepted in Science! You guys deserve it!


2019. 10 .23. Jongbaek and Back Kyu’s work on understanding the redox-etching of ceria-based nanocrystal is published in JACS! Congratulations!


2019. 11. 1. Jungwon receives a Science and Technology Grant from Korea Toray Science Foundation! Well deserved!


2019. 10. 1. Jungwon is nominated as a member of POSCO Science Fellowship! Congratulations!


2019. 9. 1. Min Young and Dohun joins our group as a Ph.D. candidate! Welcome!


2019. 8. 29. After a memorable 2 years, Yongju is joining Samsung Electronics with a shining Master’s Degree! We wish you all the best!


2019. 8. 11. Hyewon is joining UIUC as a Ph.D. student! Keep on rocking!


2019. 8. 2. Jimin joins our group as an undergraduate intern! Excited to have you here!


2019. 5. 8. Donghoon visualized the redox mediator-assisted discharge reaction of Li-O2 battery system in JACS! Nicely done!


2019. 4. 9. Byung Hyo delicately tracked the continuous growth process of iron-oxo clusters to iron oxide nanoparticles in JACS! Good work!


2019. 3. 1. Ji Soo joins our group as a Pd. D. candidate! Welcome!


2019 2. 26. Donghoon graduates Park Lab with a Master’s Degree, and he is now a researcher at LG Chem! Thanks for all the great memories!


2019. 1. 4. Jiwoong’s work on utilizing graphene liquid cell to study non-classical nucleation of Ni nanocrystals is published in JACS! Congrats!


2019. 1. 1. Park Lab news feed is now open!

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