2021. 10. 19 Jihoon's paper 'Wafer-scale production of TMDs and alloy monolayers by nanocrystal conversion for large-scale ultrathin flexible electronics' is just accepted in Nano Letters


2021. 10.13 Sungsu's paper 'Real-space imaging of nanoparticle transport and interaction dynamics by graphene liquid cell TEM' is just accepted in Science Advances

2021. 09. 09 Younhwa's paper 'Single-phase formation of Rh2O3 nanoparticles on h-BN support for highly controlled methane partial oxidation to syngas' is just accepted in Angew. Chem

2021. 08. 27 Younhwa and Kyung Rok graduates Park Lab with a Doctor’s Degree and Dohun graduates Park Lab with a Master’s Degree! We  wish you all the best!

2021. 08. 24 Younhwa was awarded Ph.D thesis award.

2021. 08. 19 Minho's paper 'Graphene oxide supported microwell grids for preparing cryo-EM samples with controlled ice thickness' is accepted in Adv. Mater.

2021. 05. 18 'Reversing the Irreversible: Thermodynamic Stabilization of LiAlH4 Nanoconfined Within a Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Host' is accepted in ACS nano.

2021. 04. 07 Jongbaek's paper 'Uniform Synthesis of Palladium Species Confined in Small-pore Zeolite via Full Ion-exchange Investigated by Cryogenic Electron Microscopy' is accepted in J. Mater. Chem. A..

2021. 02. 23. 'Enhanced Ferroelectric Switching Speed of Si-doped HfO2 Thin Film Tailored by Oxygen Deficiency' is accepted in Scientific       Reports.

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