2020. 11. 6. Yuna's paper, 'Ligand-Dependent Coalescence Behaviors of Gold Nanoparticles Studied by Multichamber Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy' is accepted in Nano Letters


2020. 9. 16. Ihnkyung joins our group as an undergraduate researcher!

2020. 9. 01. Postdoctorial researcher Byung Hyo Kim is appointed as a professor at Soongsil University.

2020. 9. 01. Jungwon (our PI) is promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations!

2020. 8. 26. Yuna's paper, 'A Large-Scale Array of Ordered Graphene-Sandwiched Chambers for Quantitative Liquild-Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy' is published in Advanced Materials. Great Work!

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