2021. 01. 06. Sungin's paper, 'Correlating 3D surface atomic structure and catalytic activities of Pt nanocrystals' is accepted in Nano Letters.

2020. 12. 31. 'One-Pot Heterointerfacial Metamorphosis for Synthesis and Control of Widely Varying Heterostructured Nanoparticles' is accepted in JACS

2020. 12. 29. 'Reversible Disorder-Order Transitions in Atomic Crystal Nucleation' is accepted in Science

2020. 12. 14. Junyoung's paper, 'Determination of the 3D Atomic Structures of Nanoparticles' is published in Small Science.

2020. 12. 12. Younhwa's paper, 'Redox-driven restructuring of lithium molybdenum oxide nanoclusters boosts the selective oxidation of methane' is accepted in Nano Energy.

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